„Patients Decide! Public consultations in healthcare”, is a project in which are involved patients’ organisations, unaffiliated patients and representatives of the local authorities, local policy makers and the Ministry of Health. The project concerns promotion and support of social dialogue in healthcare.

The project consists in education of patients as well as teaching them to overcome obstacles for participation in public consultation and to actively take part in the process of decision making. Patients, who were involved once in public consultation and were able to see their influence on creating the law, will continue to be involved in future legislative initiatives.

The project involves i.a. a series of trainings in selected Polish cities, conducting public consultation of a selected legal act, preparing consultation reports and launching a social campaign promoting participation of patients and citizens.

„The series of trainings „Public consultation” was a good idea. I would say – about time for me! I was recently seriously considering if I will ever again devote my time and attention for public consultation. I’ve lost faith in the meaning and effectiveness of these actions.

All meetings of the „Public Consultation” series were very well organized in terms of substance and organization. Really. The speakers were well-prepared and their knowledge was on an expert level. The participants were truly engaged. The website with training materials is a great idea. I like the fact that on the basis of the training it is possible to capture and strengthen many additional values and multiply the quantity of recipients”. Brygida Widera

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