WE Patients Foundation together with Urszula Jaworska Foundation, Active Patient Foundation ARGUS, Innopharm Drug Information Centre, and Factory of Social Communication conduct the project “Patients Decide! Public consultation in healthcare – continuation”, which is the continuation of the project „Promotion of public consultation in healthcare”, concluded in July 2014.


The project „Patients Decide! Public consultation in healthcare”, which engages patients’ organisations, unaffiliated patients and representatives of the Ministry of Health, regarding promotion of public consultation in healthcare. The project consists in patients’ education and teaching them overcoming obstacles for participation in public consultation and active involvement in the process of decision making. It is assumed that the patients who were involved once in public consultation and were able to see their influence on creating the law, will continue to be involved in future legislative initiatives. The project involves i.a. identification of new patients’ groups, workshops concerning public consultation with representatives of the Ministry of Health, conducting public consultation, preparing reports from consultation, and carrying out public consultation promoting citizens’ participation.


The project will be conducted from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2015. In the project will be involved nearly 300 representatives of patients’ organisations. The representatives of organisations outside Warsaw or other cities where trainings will take place have reimbursement of travel and accommodation cost guarantied.


Project’s schedule:
1. Trainings for 40 leaders (1 meeting x 2 days) concerning participation and public consultation with representatives of the Ministry of Health (October 2014)
2. Organization of 18 trainings for patients’ groups, unaffiliated patients and citizens in 6 selected Polish cities concerning participation and public consultation, collecting public consultation surveys from workshop participants.
3. Launching social campaign in media promoting participation and engagement of patients and citizens in public consultation of legislative initiatives concerning health. (March – June 2015)
4. Preparation of the Regulatory Impact Assessment for one selected, current legislative initiative in terms of consultations the needs of patients. (March - June 2015)


The project is co-financed from the funds of the EEA, within the framework of the programme "Citizens for Democracy" (www.ngofund.org.pl/).

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