WE Patients Foundationwas established to take actions in order to improve the quality of healthcare services in Poland as well as educate and promote health through building a platform of understanding and cooperation among various sectors (the government, local government, business, science, non­government etc.) which aim at effective implementation of healthcare project.

The foundation was established in 2012 as an entity gathering experts of various fields of medicine and related sciences, i.e., medical law, healthcare system, reimbursement system and pharmacoeconomics, in order to support patients’ organizations and other entities’ efforts in improving quality and availability of healthcare in Poland. Its ambition is to become a think-tank supporting public administration as well as public and non-public entities acting within the scope of health care in a long-term policy improving medical care standards and public health in Poland. The Foundation acts through communication based on scientific proofs, research, analyses and facts. The Foundation’s experts and employees have managed numerous and well-known projects related to health care and have their own documented scientific and organizational achievements in this field. For years they have been supporting various patients’ organizations as experts and present and publish in the media current comments on the situation of health care in Poland.

Foundation's area of activity:

  • Participation and social dialogue in health care
  • Research and analysis of the patients' attitudes and of the health market
  • Organisation of the health care system
  • Financing health services
  • Health technology assessment
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Education and preventive health care
  • Computerisation of health care
  • Usage of modern media in health care

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