Urszula Jaworska Foundationwas founded by Urszula Jaworska after successful bone marrow transplant, first transplant from unrelated donor in Poland, in October 1997. The main foundation objectives are widely understood aid for people affected by cancer and other chronic diseases, running educational and informational campaigns in the press, radio and television. The foundation has implemented many successful programmes aimed at achieving its statutory objectives. Over the years, the Foundation has expanded its activities to other groups of patients, i.a. patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and patients with HCV virus, or patients with brain tumours.

Active Patient Foundation ARGUS, which objectives are supporting patients in their efforts to prologue the period of their fitness, preparing legal expertise and animate a discussion on the functioning of social security systems in Poland and influencing government decisions on the allocation of public funds. Since September 2012 Argus Foundation (www.fundacjaargus.pl) implements the program of monitoring the efficiency of allocation of public funds in terms of maintaining independence and ability to work in selected chronic diseases. Argus Foundation has experts in medical law and specializes in providing legal support for patient organisations.

Innopharm Drug Information Centre is the first and the only professional drug information service in Poland run on the basis of well-regarded Polish and foreign sources of information. The Centres mission is providing and promoting the knowledge about medicines and their safe use. Innopharm Drug Information Centre objectives is creating informational and educational platform for patients and healthcare specialists, which would make effective communication and co-operation in the field of safe pharmacotherapy possible. What is more, on the platform one may ask questions concerning medicinal products and to check the prices of reimbursable drug (in co-operation with doctors and pharmacists).

Factory of Social Communication is an advertising agency specializing in social marketing. Its main activities are research, strategies, planning and implementation of social campaigns. It was founded in 2003 by people associated with the Foundation for Social Communication, which since 1998 is working to build civil society, through the provision of marketing communication tools to increase their real social effectiveness. The Factory is reasonable for the portal kampaniespoleczne.pl - service that comprehensively presents the theme of social campaigns and offers the largest knowledge base and the case studies in this field in Poland.

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